Subtle Ways To Add Bling To Your Look

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Style is personal. Having said that, have you noticed how the world has slowly stepped away from large chunky shiny pieces of jewellery? There's a reason for that. Lack of time is primary, but it's also got to do with how fashion has evolved from the dazzle to the matte. After about two decades, some shine is back on the fashion scene and I will use this post to give you some quick tips on how you can jazz up your daily look by adding some bling to your jewellery box.
Pendants and simple slick chains never really go out of fashion. Some of us wear them for emotional reasons — having inherited them from our mothers and grandmothers. If you are not one of those who always has a chain around the neck, you can pick up a classy 10-14ct gold chain and add a simple pendant to it. Chains and pendants go really well with corporate looks. So if you are a working woman and want to add style to your wardrobe, this should definitely be your go-to jewellery.

Whether you are sporting your marriage on your finger or waiting for prince charming, rings are a great way to add some razzmatazz to your style. Invest in a variety of styles rather than just buying an expensive one. I personally love how popping on a chunky ring changes a work attire to a party-ready look. If you are fond of diamonds and precious metals, a simple stone on gold can add that panache to your classy attire. Rings are really versatile. Definitely, give them a go.

I am fascinated by how most Indian women typically wear bangles all the time. Most of them wear it for their marital status, but they look great with their attires as well. While it's a long shot for a regular person to pull that style off on a daily basis, bracelets are a great option to add bling to our wrists. They go perfectly well with daily wear. Bracelets, depending on the type and style you buy, can be cute, classy, or chunky. A 9ct gold bracelet can be a go-to jewellery for daily accessorizing if you are a regular at board meetings.

I saved this one for the last because we all are guilty of splurging on earrings. We have our personal styles around earrings, but none of us can deny how amazingly versatile these are. Right from hoops to simple stones, they all add their own style to our attires. For a quick go-to jewelry, no one can really debate this is the first thing we change. Much like rings, I would suggest investing on different kinds of earrings to be able to change your look around on the go.
Is there anything I missed? I know a lot of us are into alternative jewelry as well such as body piercings, chokers, and more. Is there something else you do to bling up your daily look?


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